A Home

What is a home? Home is the place where you go when you are in dire need of a refresher course on “How to Adult 101”. Home is where all those warm and fuzzy memories from your childhood live; waiting to relive every moment with you in your mind. Home is where one feels comfortable enough to walk the entire place without any pants on whatsoever.

A home is a home because it is one of the few places in the world that you can finally take off the mask and live as your true self. A home doesn’t have to be a house either. If your home is somewhere that you can always turn to when the roughest tides pull you further from where you need to be, then it’s a special home indeed. Whether it be a childhood home, a local comic book shop, or an apartment with your girlfriend and puppy, if it’s where you feel comfortable and safe, it’s a home.

There’s no place like home, and there’s no home like yours. Your home is your home because it fits who you are deep inside of yourself. That part of yourself that only a few choice—and not so choice—people have been lucky enough to see. It is a beautiful sight to see, isn’t it? Watching someone go from spitting anger to total ease with the universe just by sitting down in their favorite armchair, for example. Such a show to witness the droppings of that day’s miseries melt away once they take that first tester sip of tea and time the temperature drop at the perfect moment.

A home is where there are no wrong answers. No mistakes. No judgement. Where you can feel free to play your favorite songs at ungodly volumes while singing and dancing along. You’re the number one person in the world when you’re at home. The king/queen of your kingdom. The hottest new celebrity to sweep the ages is you and you can do no wrong when you are at home living your best life.

Like I said before, there isn’t just one type of home. Everyone is different. We’ve all got different tastes, styles, and preferences for what makes a great home. We like what we like, and nobody should be faulted for it. The point is to accept that other people may be different than you and live lives that may seem strange to you, but if they’ve found a way to help them keep living, then you should be happy for them.

For me, when I think of where I would call home, I think of three places: are my parent’s house because it’s right by the lake; my apartment with my girlfriend, Morgan, and my adorable puppy-son, Oliver; and my mind—I can get lost in there for hours without any worry.

What are some places or activities you do that make you feel at home with yourself? Leave a comment and let’s see what kind of unique homes are out there.

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